TRADING WITH AFRICA 2007/5/23 5:04:38
Africa has it's problems, but which country/continent does not have any problems?
CFLs: a dim idea? 2007/5/6 6:33:30
More and more Canadians are replacing regular incandescent light bulbs with more energy-efficient products, such as compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). But while CFLs are being promoted because they are energy-efficient, their use has also raised health concerns.
LED Light Bulbs to Replace CFL or Standard? Not There Yet. 2007/4/15 13:52:19
There’s some progress, but we’re still not quite there. Home Depot is selling a Philips LED light bulb: same brightness as a 60W incandescent bulb (in other words, dim), same shape as standard A19 bulb, same color temperature and color rendering index, and dimmable, uses 12W, and lasts for 25,000 hours — Cost: $40.
Lighting Choices to Save You Money 2007/3/15 13:51:57
Light your home using the same amount of light for less money. Upgrading 15 of the inefficient incandescent light bulbs in your home could save you about $50 per year. New lighting standards take effect in 2012, and money-saving options such as halogen incandescent, CFL, and LED light bulbs are available today.
What is RGB LED 2006/10/10 15:23:38
There is the white light and there are the red, green, blue ones (or RGB). In the example we're using, of television, white lights are typically used for edge-lit TV screens (white light diodes are placed around the screen's perimeter). With RGB LEDs, though, they are typically behind the LCD panel, providing a uniform color range behind the screen.
What is SMD LED? 2006/10/10 15:26:28
SMD LED stands for surface mount LED. Specifically, it's a light-emitting diode that is mounted onto and soldered onto a circuit board. An SMD LED is quite small since it has no leads or surrounding packaging that comes with a standard LED...
What is MCD LED? 2006/10/9 15:35:32
MCD Electronics Inc. is an electronics company created in 1993 that specializes in optical and visual technology. The company's original guiding philosophy was that all machines and devices needed a way of talking with the user and with other machines. From the beginning, MCD provided visible as well as infrared LEDs which can indicate the condition or status of a system...
What is LED Lighting? 2006/10/9 16:43:56
Each of these diodes is around a quarter inch in diameter. The diode uses 10 milliamps, operating at a tenth of a watt. Although LEDs are small, they can be gathered together to provide enough light for high-intensity applications. LED fixtures only work with a driver, somewhat akin to a ballast inside a fluorescent fixture. The driver is usually built within the fixture, or else, it's a plug transformer for plug-in portable fixtures. Plug-in transformers let the fixture run on regular 120 volt AC current, with just a 15 to 20 % power loss...
What is LED Light? 2006/10/9 19:42:37
LED stands for "light emitting diode." That's a high-tech way of saying that, instead of having a filament to provide light, the LED light uses diodes. A diode hosts electrons moving inside of semiconductor material, which thus generates light. The light created within these diodes is a cool light, as opposed to the heated light in an incandescent bulbs filament...
What is LED? 2006/10/9 14:40:03
LEDs are small light bulbs which fit inside an electrical circuit. However, unlike regular incandescent bulbs, there is no filament in them to burn out. They also don't get particularly hot. LEDs are illuminated as electrons move in a semiconductor material. They last a long time- they have about the life span of a standard transistor...
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